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Our Mission

The mission of Memphis Christians is to partner with the community in organizing the development of local leaders, supply, mentoring teams, job preparedness, training, and jobs for community residents, financial education, individual development, and teach empowerment. To restore each person to the full expression of humanness and to see them come into a loving relationship with God, family and Community, so that they experienced the wholeness the Creator intended each of us to have. Product momentum to bring widescale changed to the systems affecting the local community.

Our Vision

Memphis Christian vision is to impact the underserved community through love, compassion, and community connection. We envision a future where every individual and family experiences hope, dignity, and social change. We are committed to breaking the cycle of poverty through our unwavering dedication, we stand to create thriving, resilient, and spiritually enriched communities, where there’s no “us” or “them“ ALL Gods children can flourish.

Our Core Values

Spiritual Support

Economic Development

Mentoring local leaders


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Integrity & Empowerment

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